I often see a thread on Facebook or Google that asks the question 

"Who is the best guitarist in the world?"

Well my answer is that there isn't one.  There are so many genres and great guitarists within those genres. Great guitarists each have something special, a unique style. However, my list of great guitarists, in no particular order, and sadly many of them are no longer with us, would be as follows:

Jimi Hendrix, Gary Moore, John McLaughlin, Joe Pass, Frank Marino,  Paco de Lucia, Santana, Alvin Lee,   Robin Trower, Manitas de Plata,           Jeff Beck, Andre Segovia

 Chris Dair 20 July 2020

Chris Dair Guitarist Gibson RD Artist

Ultimate Guitar Book

I was delighted to be asked if my Gibson RD Artist could be photographed for the Ultimate Guitar Book. The RD is an amazing guitar with active electrics designed by Bob Moog. It's a tremendously powerful and versatile guitar. The sustain capability on this guitar is phenomenal. It's a stunning instrument to play, and of course Gibson make one of the fastest fretboards in Ebony, ever made. A truly amazing instrument.

Chris Dair 20 July 2020

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